About Carl The Violist


I am a passionate violist who feels music has always been life changing and affirming. From solo to ensemble playing, over to outreach and teaching, for me viola performance is a life calling. I remember being age seven declaring that I would play every type of music my viola would allow and would share my musical talent in every way, shape and from. It is my vocation to be a compelling violist/artist, advocate of the instrument/craft, and bridge for many to classical music. From intensely satisfying classical, to enchanting improvisational, to joyful jam sessions- I love performing and am known for my ability to move an audience. To me the viola is an instrument of true beauty and balance and many are still unfamiliar with it. Just as the viola is the bridge between the violin and cello- I aim to be a bridge between contemporary and classical music by sharing wonderful music with all expressing my true voice, musicianship, and message.